Other Compressed Air Services

Out Performers' engineers have comprehensive expertise and experience in a wide range of compressed air services, such as:


  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection – Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Argon...)

(For steam leak detection refer to our Steam Systems and Boilers.)

This survey locates and quantifies every leak on the industrial gas system. Industrial gas leaks can be highly expensive, and fixing them highly cost-effective, due to the high cost of the gas itself. For example, we fixed four leaks in an Argon gas system, and saved our client over $40,000 a year.


  • Plant Room Design

We can design an upgrade or a completely new compressed air system for your facility, in order to optimise both energy savings and operational performance. This is a way to ensure your compressor is ideally sized to meet the unique demands of your facility.


  • Preliminary Equipment Selection

If you want to replace or upgrade part or all of your compressed air system, a Preliminary Equipment Selection analysis and report will provide recommended design options that minimise capital, energy, and maintenance costs, and reduce the risk to production by ensuring sufficient redundancy. These options are vendor neutral and do not specify brands.

Our compressed air engineers are highly-experienced in designing compressed air upgrades or replacement systems.


  • Tender Evaluation Service

Once you have sent your engineered design out to tender, Out Performers can evaluate the tender responses in order to optimise the operational performance and return on investment.


  • Compressed Air Verification

(To create Energy Savings Certificates - NSW only.)

We have verified over 400 compressed air projects to confirm the energy savings achieved and create Energy Savings Certificates. The revenue from the sale of the certificates can offset project costs and reduce project payback periods.


  • Air Quality Review

Compressed air contains oil and water condensate, bacteria, fungal spores and a host of other contaminants. If you are using Compressed Air in a food or other manufacturing process, your products can be contaminated by exposure to the compressed air produced by your compressed air system.

Our Air Quality Review assesses the quality of your compressed air, determines whether it complies with relevant standards, and identifies what you can do to improve it. Better air quality will also reduce the acidic erosion of your system’s fittings, therefore reducing the chances of leaks developing.


  • Compressed Air Load Analysis – using inline flow metering

Our team install permanent inline flow meters and establish continuous real time monitoring and alerts so you can most effectively optimise the performance of your compressor plant. You will pick up operation faults immediately and know exactly when major leaks appear and leak management programs and other plant maintenance needs to occur.


  • Pressure Survey

If there is a significant pressure drop at your system’s end use points, don’t solve this by ramping up your compressor and wasting more money on energy and maintenance costs. A pressure survey will identify where the problem is, and how to fix it. These types of projects can usually pay for themselves in a matter of months and improve operational reliability and performance at the end of the line.


  • Pipe Sizing Survey

If you have upgraded your air compressor to a larger model but kept your existing pipework, then your new compressor will almost certainly be working harder to pump the air out. Improve the efficiency of your compressor by sizing your pipe work to suit your compressor’s supply and your site’s demand. This will also reduce wear and tear on your compressor and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs. Our Pipe Sizing Survey can identify and design the optimum piping for your system.


  • Training

Out Performers can deliver high quality training to your in-house team so that they understand how to optimise and maintain their compressed air plant more cost effectively.