Chiller Upgrades or Replacements

Receive around $10,000 or more in Energy Savings Certificates from your Chiller upgrade*

A large commercial building uses the majority of its electricity running heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC), while other services such as lighting and IT also contribute. HVAC alone can account for over 50% of electricity costs.

If you upgrade any of your HVAC plant, you will probably purchase equipment that will be more energy-efficient. As well as saving you extra money on your electricity bill, did you know that you can also get cashbacks for the energy you will save from these improvements?

Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs), which represent the amount of energy saved, can be created and sold for cash. This income offsets project costs and improves ROI and project paybacks. But you must sign up for certificate-creation with an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) before you implement the project.

The ACP facilitates the creation of ESCs and handles all the responsibilities of calculating savings and maintaining records. We then trade the ESCs and return the income, less costs, to you. Out Performers is the largest independent ACP and can create ESCs for a wider range of eligible projects than any other ACP.

Out Performers’ HVAC chiller accreditation enables several years of ESCs to be created up-front, which means you can receive income shortly after a project is implemented.

* This figure assumes average energy savings for chiller replacements and is based on the current ESC price as at 23 November 2013. Both these figures can vary according to the individual project and market conditions for the ESC price.